Meet the Board

Wendy Therrien

Wendy lives in Lisbon, Maine, with her husband, Patrick.  They enjoy spending time with their 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  Her life-long faith journey started with attending a non-denominational Sunday school when she was young, where she first learned Jesus loved her from what is still her favorite hymn, “Jesus Loves Me.” Wendy is a convert, being baptized and received into the Catholic Church as an adult in 1997 when her “cradle Catholic” husband desired to be married in the Catholic Church.  Her work has taken her through the medical field, the legal field, the Catholic parish ministry and administration, to now being self-employed.  All along her journey, God’s love and guidance have manifested in many wonderful, unexpected, and humbling ways through events and people and learning opportunities.

Joshua Houde

Josh Houde grew up in southern Maine, and after completing a degree in Theology and Communication Arts from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2007, returned to Maine to serve the Lord in full-time evangelization work. He has worked in a variety of parish settings–working with children, youth, college students, and adults–and also spent several years working in Catholic radio. During his time in Catholic radio, Josh met his wife Pam, and together they have three children. With some experience in real estate, Josh now works in residential construction and is excited to help Little Portion Hermitage find a permanent home. 

Alyson Maloy

Alyson Maloy, MD, is a private practice physician and member of Our Lady of Hope Parish in Portland, ME. As a young girl, she decided Catholicism was not for her when asked to color Jesus workbooks in “CCD.” After many years of spiritual and religious exploration, she was shocked to meet Christ while completing “A Course in Miracles.” Dr. Maloy was confirmed in 2014. She is honored to help sustain the critical work of The Little Portion Hermitage.

Jonathan Eddy

Jonathan Eddy was born and raised in Portland, Maine. A Maine Maritime Graduate, he sailed as a deck officer onboard oil tankers for 7 years before coming shoreside. He now works in the safety department at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works. He was baptized in the Episcopal tradition and raised in that church. He met his future wife Kelsey in 2014, and through her witness was welcomed into the Catholic Church in 2015. He and Kelsey were married in 2016. They have two children and reside in North Yarmouth, Maine.

JonMarc Grodi

JonMarc is the Chief Operating Officer of the Coming Home Network International, host of the “Deep in Christ” and “Elevate Ordinary” Podcasts. A graduate student of philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville, JonMarc resides in Perrysburg, OH, with his wife and five young children. Some of his favorite topics for discussion & writing are the nature of religious faith, aesthetics, Catholic Social Teaching, the writings of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien, and various intersections of philosophy and theology in family life. You can connect with JonMarc via the Coming Home Network, on social media, or where he occasionally writes at

Seth Paine

Seth Paine works for The Coming Home Network, he is in charge of the website and YouTube channel. He manages the Little Portion Hermitage website and is Brother Rex’s personal IT guy. He is married with two girls and lives in NW Ohio. As a convert his passion is helping people see the breadth and beauty of the Catholic Church. He has a YouTube channel That Nerdy Catholic and is currently doing a series on there and as a podcast called Nerding Out with That Nerdy Catholic looking at how the Catholic faith fits with reason and the sciences.