Sincerity is a Christian virtue of the highest order; we could not be good Christians if we did not live it with all its consequences. Sincerity with ourselves leads us to acknowledge our faults without any pretense and without seeking false excuses. Sincerity puts us on our guard against ‘fabricating’ the truth, or pretending that … More Sincerity

Dare to be a Disciple

“From the outset, conversion is expressed in faith which is total and radical, and which neither limits nor hinders God’s gift. At the same time, it gives rise to a dynamic and lifelong process which demands a continual turning away from “life according to the flesh” to “life according to the Spirit” (cf. Rom 8:3-13). … More Dare to be a Disciple


Purging the soul is a lifetime effort. There is no reason to be upset by our imperfections, for perfection is nothing more than fighting against them. How can we resist them unless we see them? How can we overcome them unless we face them? ~St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life