Monday, Advent III

“At Advent we celebrate the basis of our hope in the future, our confidence in the utter reality of what is to be, by giving focus to the reality that was and is, the presence in our flesh and in our world of God in Christ, the divine made human, the God who becomes man in the form of Jesus Christ, that all creation might be made holy. The truth of Advent is not simply that what once was might be again; the truth of Advent is that what was is and is to be, and is to be in such a way that we are able now to live and flourish and contend in the anticipated light of it’s coming. We are able to bear this present darkness because we believe in the coming dawn, a dawn that is not simply like the night, only longer, but a dawn in which the shadows and shades of night are seen for what they are and are not, and we will be able to tell the difference between hope and humbug.” ~Rev. Peter J. Gomes