The Corporal Works of Mercy


“It will not be very long before governments take over from cradle to grave all that we call corporal works of mercy.  This has already happened in several countries. I call it the “ice age” because the corporal works of mercy should be done with great love, gentleness, understanding, compassion, and delicacy. True, they haven’t always been so performed, but in many instances they were. In the near future, however, all the above nouns will be encompassed by one word: efficiency.

…we must get ready by prayer and fasting by a self-emptying, to acquire pure and childlike hearts, hearts that are able to see God and thus able to enter this coming ice age.  We must become harbingers and carriers of the fire of the Holy Spirit, for it is fire that melts ice.  That will be our role in the near future.” ~Catherine Doherty, Poustina