Life With Christ

“The ministry of evangelization…begins with an encounter with one Person, the Person of Jesus, and effects a change within us, a conversion of heart, which touches every area of our lives. Life with Christ brings joy, peace, and fulfillment. It brings healing, forgiveness, and truth. But it also oftentimes means a change in perspective and direction, a breaking away from what is comfortable or convenient, or “the norm.” This purification can be painful, but it is exactly in this struggle that the Lord will be glorified through us. In our weakness, He is strong. In our brokenness, He makes us whole. He wishes to use us, to move in us, in such a way that our own lives become a means of evangelization toward everyone we meet. Christ needs disciples who are not afraid to speak of his love and mercy from their own lived experiences, from the depths of their changed being.” ~Deacon Ralph Poyo, 2011 Maine Catholic Men’s Conference keynote speaker