Give Your Love To Others


Because egoism nourishes mistrust, it is very important, if we want to be freed from this, to make a serious, sober commitment such as, “I do not want to be respected by certain people; I do not want to be admired. Lord, accept my commitment today. I do not want to worry about whether I get a bad deal; I do not want to be involved in myself. I want to trust that you will not let anything happen to me that would not be for my good. I always want to think the best of my brother and sister and not give way to any mistrustful thoughts again.…” Then we should go and seek ways to bring love and trust to those whom we have mistrusted. That will help us; for if we give others love, we will no longer center around ourselves. ~Basilea Schlink, Called to Commuity: The Life Jesus Wants for His People