The Way, the Truth, the Life


The ancient Christian fathers spoke of the Christ event as the “recapitulation” of the entire human drama. In this one life, all lives are summed up; in the eternal present of this one life, the past is encompassed, the future anticipated and the life of Everyman and Everywoman is most truly lived. “I am the way, the truth, the life,” he said. Not a way among other ways, not a truth among other truths, not a┬álife among other lives, but the way of all ways, the truth of all truths and the life of all lives. Recapitulation. It means, quite simply and solemnly, that this life is your life, this is my life and we have not come to our senses until we sense ourselves in the life, and death, of Christ. This is the axis mundi. ~Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, excerpt from Death on a Friday Afternoon