The Need for Secluded Prayer

From a Benefactor:

The Need for Secluded Prayer

by Jeffrey Wm. Cotnoir 2014

We all, at times, need seclusion

To replenish our spirit and mind;

Have no distractions or illusions;

And to the world become deaf and blind.

Times of solitude spent in prayer

Are so needed for all of mankind.

For this world needs an advocate here

Praying all of the time.

The Eremitic life some choose

Is where we find such prayer.

But without support, these Brothers we’ll lose.

And we so desperately need them here!

If you would open your heart today

You might meditate on this vocation.

And if the Holy Spirit leads you this way

Would you consider a small donation?

Little Portion Hermitage friends

Need our help, support and prayer.

I pray their service NEVER ends.

And that you might help to keep them there.

I thank the Lord for each one of you

And pray God grant you pause.

Consider the good these Holy people do

May your blessings be shared for this cause.