Proclaim Christ To All Peoples

“To evangelize… a world in transformation there is need of a renewed and transformed Church by contemplation and personal contact with Christ, by the power of the Spirit. The Spirit of Christ is the source of renewal, which makes us find new ways, new creative methods, different forms of expression for the evangelization of the present-day world. He it is who gives the strength to undertake the missionary endeavor and the joy of the proclamation, so that the light of Christ will illumine all those who do not yet know him or have rejected him. Required for this is the courage to “reach all the fringes that are in need of the light of the Gospel” (Evangelii gaudium, 21). Neither our weaknesses, nor our sins, nor the many impediments that are placed in our path can hold us back from witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel. It is the experience of the encounter with the Lord Jesus which drives us and gives us the joy of proclaiming Him to all peoples.” ~Pope Francis. Adress to the Pontifical Mission Society, May 09, 2014