In Sickness and In Health

Life goes on at the hermitage in sickness and in health. There is adoration to offer before His Divine Majesty residing Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Tabernacle in the chapel; there is confession to be made for thoughts, words and deeds unbecoming a disciple of Jesus Christ; there is thanksgiving to be offered for prayers answered (and perhaps for some prayers not answered!); and supplication to be made for the Church, the world and those who have sought out our intercession for themselves or a loved one.

Today begins Day #5 of being sick with a chest cold or some such. Please pray for my healing, if that be God’s will. And if it be God’s will that this sickness should hold on a while yet, pray that I may offer it up to His Divine Majesty to use for my ultimate good and the good of others.

Here is a link to a few prayers for the sick:

Pax et Bonum!