I Lift my Head to God for Joy

Sunrise over the hermitage, March 31, 2017

“Another day is a new creation. We are in a new day fresh from the hands of God. I have risen from the tomb of my bed, from the death of my sleep. The world is in a time that is a new time, a virginal time that never was before and is created and given me now. The world is all new. This great universe is where it never was before, for we have all sped through space to a new day, both a new time and a new place. Today is lone, unique, solitary. I stand alone before my Creator as at the dawn of the first day. One with Adam, I lift my head to God for joy. One with Christ, I come forth to do the Father’s will. I put on my socks, my shoes, and go forth on the ways of my Lord and Brother.” ~Fr. Matthew Kelty, OCSO