Don’t Expect Paradise on This Earth

“I ride on the subway and look at the faces: boredom, despair, sadness. This, in the richest country in the world! But the moment that you relate to God – and thank him for your existence, for loving you, for being your Savior – you can establish a most beautiful relationship with other people. You love and help one another. You realize the meaning of your life is not luxury and fun, but it is helping. Once you radiate joy, sooner or later people are going to say, “What’s her secret?” And then gently, without preaching, without saying “I’m superior to you,” you just share. After all, the meaning of the word “gospel” is “the happy message.” That’s all we can do. Obviously there are moments of darkness and discouragement. There are moments when we lose sight of the beauty of the sky because there are clouds. But one very fine day you come out of it. We are made for joy. Don’t expect Paradise on this earth. But there is meaning, and this meaning is the love of God.” ~Alice von Hildebrand, Rich in Years