5 thoughts on “Brother Rex on EWTN’s Journey Home Program

  1. Debbie Dolan

    This was a great interview! You really should be out doing Missions! God Bless you!

  2. Joan Collins

    It was a great interview. I recorded it and watched it the second time with a friend. Neither of us knew there were hermits associated with any religious orders. What a great way to live a holy life. We need so many prayers in today’s world and I believe God is calling people to this way for life for that reason.

  3. Dianne Herbe

    I loved the interview with Br. Rex. I like down to earth people who can laugh at themselves and still get their point across. I want to know the kind of love for Jesus that he has. Being a cradle Catholic doesn’t guarantee that. I hope that’s part of what he prays for…………for others to love Jesus as Jesus loves us.

  4. Denise

    Very interesting interview. I admire people who put their lives all out for others God bless.

  5. Teresa Beem

    What a precious interview that so glorified God! You made me laugh and cry with such touching journey. I praise the Lord that you are doing such a great witness for him both in public and in private.

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