Bad Religion


On and off again over the years I have been a practitioner of something Jesus roundly condemned (and condemns): bad religion. Not religion in general, mind you, but bad religion. This being admitted, I truly do appreciate the insightful fraternal correction offered to this bad Catholic by the cordial catholic in his blog post titled Why Is Catholicism So Unattractive to Evangelicals?

Thank you, dear God, that You have shown to me to myself for what I so often am: a bad Catholic. Without such knowledge I would be doomed to the practice of bad religion in this life and an eternity without You in the world to come. With such knowledge there is (once again) an opportunity for me to throw myself before your Mercy. That Mercy Who hung on the cross in the Person of Jesus the Christ for love of me and the whole world. A Mercy you have encouraged, equipped and commissioned me through baptism to share with others. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen.