Ash Wednesday

“In essence, Lent is a journey into solitude;
into having nothing, into nakedness and
poverty of spirit . . . with the hope that we
might be given the space and freedom and the
undirected homeliness of everyday life . . . to
discover for ourselves that wilderness where
Christ in his poverty and nakedness and need
learned how to pray to his Father ….
The point of our lives is not in the theories
we entertain or the saints we admire or the
opinions that we have honed to razor sharpness,
but rather in the living itself, in the strange process of
being drawn through an unspectacular, homely life into
an inner solitude, a wilderness and poverty where
Christ has been waiting for us all along.” 

One thought on “Ash Wednesday

  1. Mr. Swegart

    This is to be a light on the path. God bless your Lenten journey.

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