You say that he is full of defects. Very well … but, apart from the fact that people who are perfect are found only in Heaven, you too have defects, yet others put up with you and, what is more, appreciate you. That is because they love you with the love of Jesus Christ had for his own, and they had a fair number of shortcomings. Learn from this. … You complain that he shows you no understanding. I am certain he does as much as he can try to understand you. But what about you? When will you make a bit of an effort to understand him? … All right, I agree. That person has behaved badly; his behavior has been reprehensible and unworthy; he shows no merit at all. Humanly speaking he deserves to be utterly despised, you added. I understand what you mean, I can assure you, but I do not share this concluding view of yours. That life which seems so mean is sacred. Christ has died to save it. If He did not despise it, how can you dare to? … It is true that life, which by its nature is already rather narrow and uncertain, sometimes becomes difficult. But that will help you to become more supernatural and to see the hand of God. Then you will be more human and understanding with those around you. ~St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow