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Friends of Little Portion Hermitage
Post Office Box 15
Auburn, Maine 04212

[email protected]

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Angela Ward Reply

    please can I ask that the my previous post be delivered to Brother Rex for prayer as it is confidential as the ‘prayer request’ button was not working.

    Many thanks,

    Angela Ward

    1. The Hermit Reply

      Consider it done.

  2. The Hermit Reply

    Thanks. It should be all set to go now.

  3. Darryl Reply

    Br. Rex, saw you on the Journey Home and I loved your story. I also sent you some people who need your prayers who are very sick. I been looking for some one who is clergy and prays for others and souls. I sure need your help with family and friends and I am making a monthly donation to you.
    Thank you for being their for others we sure need it.
    Sincerely Darryl, a 30 year convert and getting stronger every day.

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